Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fictitious Magazine Update

I will have a new story up tomorrow, and then one new story or poem each week. I am still taking submissions and information from authors who would like to do an interview for the magazine/blog. Stop by and read here. 

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fictitious Magazine is Back!

I've been going through email submissions and want to thank all of the writers who have submitted, and let them know they should receive a response from me within the next week.  I am currently taking new submissions as well.

I also have a new author interview up with Stan Hampton Sr. You can read it here. I'll have new stories and poems up on Monday, so check back. I'm not sure, yet, how often new stories will be published; it will depend on how busy my schedule gets.

Feel free to stop by, read and leave Stan some comments if you like.

Happy Reading!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Memoir Writing

I write everyday, but I do a great deal of ghostwriting for blogs and websites, so I have content published all over the internet-it just doesn't have my name attached to it, with the exception of the gardening articles I write for SF Gate Gardening, Ehow Gardening and Modern Mom Magazine. I do have a byline for these.

While I do enjoy writing the gardening articles, because I love gardening, it's not my what I want to spend all my time doing. The ghostwriting covers a variety of topics, so that work can be interesting, too. But, I want to write fiction stories, and I like to write about real life events. I wrote a memoir for an assignment in college about my dad, and how he tells an embarrassing story about my childhood. He actually has stories about all us kids, and there are eight of us, so he has plenty of stories, but this one incident he tells about me as a child always embarrassed me, until I got older and realized, I do the the same thing to my girls.

The Bloomin' Dog Story is a memoir about this story, and how as I got older, I was better able to understand why Dad tells these stories about his children. This are stories that are close to his heart. So, I published this story on Yahoo. You can read it here. Yahoo gives me a platform to write a variety of articles, poems and stories, so I plan to use it as a way to publish what I want to write and share with others.

I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Reading!

Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm Slowly Getting Back to Writing

I have been doing a little writing and submitting here and there, and I got a piece of good news today. My short story "Punctilious" will appear in the Separate Worlds Nov/Dec. 2013 issue. It is a magazine of speculative fiction. One of my other stories, "Operation Onion" was in the February 2011 issue of Spectacular Speculations.   I think just about everyone knows how much I love speculative fiction.

I'm stilling working on Stories to Wrap Your Mind Around and Mermaid's Kiss. I hope to have them both ready early next year. *fingers crossed

I hope to get Fictitious Magazine going again soon as well. :)

Happy Reading!

Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm Still Here!

I'm not missing; I have just been really busy with personal family stuff and dealing with some issues. I'm still working on my books to be released, but they are going to be out later than  I had posted. I'll make sure to post the new release dates once I know for sure when that will be.

I'm slowly getting back to a normal routine, but it's going to take a while to get things caught up. I hope to get Fictitious Magazine back up and running by September and back to a weekly posting schedule. I'm opening submissions again on Aug. 1st.

While waiting on the new books and stories to be released feel free to check out any books on my Amazon author page: Click here!

I hope to get back to blogging and writing real soon!

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Cleaning!

Lately I have been so caught up in Facebook posts and all sorts of other online distractions that I have again fallen behind on my writing projects. So, I've decided to do some spring cleaning, and made myself a brand new Facebook page that is strictly for writing not gossip, breaking news, or funny cat pictures. It's clear of games and any other distractions that once haunted me daily. I think, now, I may be less likely to check it so often.

Now that I have the clutter behind me, I can start working on my book everyday. It is so close to being ready for the editor. Right now, it's scheduled for June...if I can stay focused. Tomorrow, I will post the cove for Stories to Wrap Your Mind Around my next anthology of sci-fi, fantasy and spec-fic short stories. But, tonight I must work to make sure it's done on time.

My new Facebook: Click here
My new Twitter @AuthorMAllman

Happy Reading!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

More Books Coming Soon!

I'm working on Stories to Wrap Your Mind Around. It is scheduled for release in late April from Melange-Books as long as I get in gear and do my part. This book is filled with short stories ranging in length from 500 words up to 3,000 words per story. I hope to the cover soon so I can get it posted. :)

I had to put "Mermaid's Kiss" on hold because of the other book, but I am shooting for Early May for its release as a Kindle short story. I'll keep everyone posted. I have so many projects, so I'm trying to take them one day at a time. I don't know why I always start so many at once!

I'm still taking submissions and working on Fictitious Magazine. I'm still posting one story and author interview a week until I get caught up. Then I'll go back to posting a new story or poem everyday. :)

Happy Reading!