Monday, July 8, 2019

Classic Movie Monday~ Our Town

Our Town is a play written by Thorton Wilder, and it's a Pulitzer Prize Winner. I have to be fair and say I haven't read the play, but the movie I didn't really get into. Here's why...

It's mundane and boring. Maybe it's meant to be that way because it is about a little ordinary town, Grover's Corners, and the daily lives of the residents over a span of twelve years. Nothing exciting happens to the characters and I'm assuming that's the point of the story.

The movie narrator appears and talks to the audience (I'm assuming it's similar to the play) but with him popping up and giving information, the movie felt like Christmas cartoons--You know, like Rudolph etc. In my opinion, at least for the movie, the narrator should have been left out. 

For me, he was intrusive and didn't add anything to the story. Maybe if he just introduced the movie at the beginning and then allowed it to play out, it would be more enjoyable. 

I know the plays spans 12 years, but it skips quickly and the third skip ahead gets a little confusing. *A spoiler alert is coming!!**

Emily Webb appears to die in childbirth and has an entire scene where she looks back on life and realizes that no one really takes time to appreciate life while it's happening, but later she's in her bed with the baby and her husband it peeking in through the door at her, so I  was confused. Did she die? Maybe this is clear in the stage performance but in the movie, after she accepts death we see her lying there with a newborn baby in her arms.

While watching the movie, I thought she had a near death experience, but lived because of that scene. I was mistaken. 

I don't feel like the movie was a waste of time, but It's not something I'd watch again or a move I'd recommend to others. 

Happy Reading! (and watching) 

Publication News and a Review!

Got my first review of "The Sofa Monster" On LitPick! Here's the link!

Thank you, Anissa for your kind review!

I also have publication news. Several of my short stories are available to read in various online publications. 

"East of Omaha" is a short story about a rather unusual case of mistaken identity. You can read it here at Scarlet Leaf Review

"Hunting the Scullywiggins" is a mystery story, sprinkled with a little humor and a little twist at the end. You can read it in Penny Shorts.

"Maybe Tomorrow" is a 100-word story about anxiety that you can at The Drabble.

These sites also allow comments, so feel free to leave any comments you may have. 

Upcoming: "Give It A Few Days" is a short story about a woman who refuses to accept the truth...even after it assaults her nostrils! It's dark humor, and it's coming to Bewildering Stories on August 5th! 

I hope you have time to stop by and if you like any of these stories, you're sure to enjoy the short stories in my Flashes of Fiction books on Kindle.

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Giveaway!! Woot!!

I'm having a giveaway for Alfred C. Bogeyman.
It's started yesterday and runs through March 11th at midnight. Click here to follow my Amazon page and have a chance to win. 
The book is a short story for Kindle. 

Book Blurb:
Three friends, Adrian, Sean, and Ralph, set out to find the boogieman and make him stop scaring Adrian's younger brother. With the help of Ralph's Dog, Socks, the boys track and battle the boogieman living behind the park.

Here are a few reviews:

From Author Jenny Twist via Goodreads:

Adrian is the man of the house now so it’s his job to protect his little brother. When the bogeyman starts coming to the house every night and frightening Sam to death he decides to deal with it. Together he, his two friends and Socks the dog set off to find the bogeyman and give him a taste of his own medicine.

A delightful story which takes you straight back to those dreadful childhood fears which had to be tackled alone because no grown-up ever believed you. 

Ms Allman has once again come up with a new twist on an old theme – and done it in an entertaining and superbly well-written way. Very satisfying.

Jocelyn Sanchez via Goodreads:
This was a very cute and fun story. I really enjoyed reading it and having a few laughs with Ralph, Sean, and Adrian. 

This short story is about three children named Ralph, Sean, and Adrian who believe that the boogieman is scaring Adrian's little brother Sam. Adrian is the brave one in the group, Ralph is the brains, while Sean is afraid of everything. Feeling the need to protect his little brother Adrian and the boys go on a mission to find the boogieman and teach him a lesson. They come up with a plan to use Sean's dog Socks to track down the boogieman and scare him. I don't want to give too much away but I'll say I really liked the ending of the story and really enjoyed reading about Sean, Adrian, and Ralph. It was a really good read!

Here is the link to reviews via students reviews on LitPick

Go enter to win! and Happy Reading!!