Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Wheels Are Turning...

While I blame procrastination for not getting my books done on time, I also have to blame my overactive brain. I have several book and story ideas going on up there at the same time. I try to write down as much information as possible so I won't forget any ideas I've had, but sometimes one story or idea seems to push forward. Then, I have to start working on that instead of my current project. 

It's happening again! I keep thinking about a mystery story that could easily become as series, based on a character I wrote a piece of micro fiction about a few  years ago. This is the short-shorty story:

Detective Jeremy Jenkins spent forty years of his life solving some of the police department's most difficult cases, but the department forced him to retire. He could've had maybe ten more good years if it hadn't been for the car accident that left him paralyzed. The sixty-seven year old man now lives in a three room apartment with his companion, Chumpy, his pet monkey. Some say that old J. Jenks, as he was called by coworkers, has gone a little crazy couped up in that small apartment with a monkey, but they don't know Jeremy is still solving cases.

"That wraps up the case of Lady in Yellow. She is not cheating with the gentlemen in 425. I've discovered he is her brother." Jeremy closed his tattered old briefcase, rubbing his thumb across the gold engraving of his initials J.J. just like he had done when closing a case years ago. "Chumpy it's time to find a new case." Jeremy wheeled himself over to the window and watched the apartment building across the street. 

"Chumpy, my binoculars!" He snapped his fingers. 

Chumpy leaped right over to Jeremy with what he demanded, and perched on Jeremy's shoulder. "You see that boy? That man just threw a mysterious package in the dumpster. I think I found our next case: The Dumpster Delinquent. It may have been drugs." 

Startled by the microwave beeping, Jeremy dropped his binoculars. "Chumpy, my pasta dinner," He ordered, snapping his fingers. Chumpy rushed to the microwave, retrieving the bowl of pasta for Jeremy.

As Jeremy ate, he watched the alley to see if anyone came to pick up the package, but no one showed. The trash truck came and emptied the dumpster. "Another case closed, Chumpy. The package was ordinary trash."

I can't get this character out of my head, and I know he still has some detective skills in him to solve some real cases, even if by mistake. So, I may have to start writing what's in my head today, and finish working on Mermaid's Kiss tomorrow. All I know is I have to do something to get Jeremy and Chumpy out of my head so I can concentrate on other projects. 

Happy Reading!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

More Children Stories...

I have signed a contract with Alfie Dog Fiction for two of my children stories: Stinky Ol' Pig and Fridge Fight!

Stinky Ol' Pig will be available April 2nd-- Percy wants to prove to the other barn yard animals that he's not just another stinky old pig. Instead of rolling in mud, he likes to roll in the sweet honeysuckle along the fence.

Fridge Fight! will be available April 6th-- Somethings stinks in the refrigerator, and all the foods have their own theory about which one it is, which erupts into a humorous quarrel.

I'll have links as soon as the stories go live on the site.

I've got a handle on my procrastination today, I've been busily working to get my books ready for their intended release dates and making plans for other unfinished projects. I'm thinking, I'll just turn off the WiFi on my laptop when I get ready to write, and I won't be able to pop over to Facebook or emails.

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Put the Pro in Procrastination

Every morning when I log on to the Internet I have good intentions. I really do! I start out by checking on available work for the day, and then emails, and all the while my Facebook page is up. That's where the procrastination begins. I find news stories, I share so they'll be on my wall later to read along with recipes, funnies and so on. But, there is one things that always gets my attention. It's those when you see it pictures, celebrities without makeup, or the strange deaths links you click on an go through a gallery of pictures. Today is was this one.  I laughed so hard at #5. 

Anyway, where has my PROcrastination gotten me? Behind again. So, I am moving some release dates back. Mermaids Kiss will be out in April--for sure. I have decided not to publish Stories to Wrap Your Mind Around with Melange Books. I'll be placing those stories in my Flashes of Fiction series or as Kindle singles. 

I have made progress, though. I really have! 

I have a page up at Clean Indie Reads for The Peanut Buttor Tweatment and Attack of the Dust Bunnies. I have also been updating this blog a bit. And, I have been working my regular writing job, so I'm not totally distracted by the amusing posts I find on Facebook. I'm even thinking about branching out and creating my own website to offer ghostwriting and proofreading services. I also filled out my FAFSA in hopes I'll start working on MA in English soon. 

I admit, I do need to work on being easily distracted, but I think it's coming along. 

Wow, found this picture on Facebook. How'd like to give this dog a bath?  He he!
I must get to work! Happy Reading!

Friday, March 14, 2014


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