Friday, October 12, 2012

I have made a discovery...

I HATE the WordPress blog, so I'm moving Fictitious Magazine to Blogger. The new link is 
I don't know if this blog is easier to navigate or if I'm just used to it, but I feel so overwhelmed with WordPress and I don't like the way it is setup. I can't wait to get the magazine up and running again and if I'll never get it done on WordPress. 

Bear with me while I set up this new blog and get things ready for a January launch. You can still send submission and request for author interviews to me at For those who have not read the submission guidelines I'll have them posted on the new site soon. I cannot pay authors for their work, but I can offer you a place to be read, post links to other sites and books. Yippee! If anyone wants to start following the blog just slide on over, this way you can keep up with the progress and maybe even let me know if you have any suggestions. :)

Happy Friday and Happy Reading! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Reviews!

My YA short story, "Alfred C. Bogeyman," has two wonderful reviews that I'd love to share.

Jocelyn said:

This was a very cute and fun story. I really enjoyed reading it and having a few laughs with Ralph, Sean, and Adrian.

This short story is about three children named Ralph, Sean, and Adrian who believe that the boogieman is scaring Adrian's little brother Sam. Adrian is the brave one in the group, Ralph is the brains, while Sean is afraid of everything. Feeling the need to protect his little brother Adrian and the boys go on a mission to find the boogieman and teach him a lesson. They come up with a plan to use Sean's dog Socks to track down the boogieman and scare him. I don't want to give too much away but I'll say I really liked the ending of the story and really enjoyed reading about Sean, Adrian, and Ralph. It was a really good read! 

Dan Spanton- Author of  The YA book Waiting for Natalie said:

I read ALFRED C. BOGEYMAN on a rainy October night in Maine, with a cup of hot chocolate and a bowl of candy corn, and enjoyed every minute. This tale from gifted storyteller M. ALLMAN is not a splurge at .99, but it's definitely a treat.

Thank you both for the wonderful reviews. Alfred C. Bogeyman if available in PDF and HTML from Fire and Ice and  at Amazon for Kindle.

Happy Reading!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Having a great weekend...

I attended the 2012 Writer's Conference at the Crump Theatre in Columbus, IN hosted by Pen It! Magazine. I had a great time there where I met and spoke with other writers.

This weekend "Alfred C. Bogeyman" was released for Kindle, and so far it's doing well. *Smiling* Click here for Kindle version.

I have also been working on Fictitious Magazine and plant to have it up and running on January 1st 2013. I am taking submissions and emails from authors interested in doing and interview on the site. You can read the guidelines by clicking here

 I hope to make the magazine a place for readers and writer to connect. :)

I am working on a new collection of short stories, Stories to Wrap Your Mind Around, scheduled for release sometime in 2013. So, Flashes of Fiction is no more. Those 5 stories will be a part of the larger collection and "Metamorphosis" that I was going to release as a Kindle short will now be in this collection as well, instead of a stand-alone story. I will have more information on this collection soon. :)

I hope everyone has a great Sunday.

Happy Reading!