Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My review of Domingo's Angel by Jenny Twist

Once I began reading Domingo’s Angel, I was unable to put it down. Ms. Twist does an excellent job of bringing her characters to life and placing the reader into the setting. I felt as though I knew these people and everything about their village.  Twist uses flashbacks brilliantly without interrupting the flow of the plot, and this allows the reader to understand and care about the characters. My favorite character is Rosalba. She is the matriarch of the village, and she has sort of a ‘mother’s intuition’ when it comes to happenings in the village. On the outside she is tough, scares some and intimidates others, but inside she has a heart of gold.

The story begins when a stranger shows up in the village and at first no one knows what to make of her. She looks and talks differently, but as the village comes to accept her, Angela brings changes to the village and the people become the family she longed for and prompt changes in her as well. The characters and their struggles during a time of oppression and poverty make for a very engaging story.

I enjoyed the story and recommend Domingo’s Angel to anyone looking for a heartwarming, engaging read.  I look forward to reading Jenny Twist’s other title, Take One At Bedtime.

To learn more about Jenny Twist and her writing click here to visit her Melange-Books author page. 

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