Monday, August 27, 2012

Cover for Alfred C. Bogeyman

I have the cover, but do not have a set date for release. It will be soon though-Sept/Oct. It will be available in Ebook format only from Fire and Ice.

I haven't come up with a blurb for this short story, yet. I will. I have trouble coming up with my own blurbs. I can tell you it is a mixture of creepy and funny and a story that all ages can enjoy.

This is my second YA short story.My first is "Ally Ally Oxen Free." I am working on several others: "Metamorphosis," "Mermaid's Kiss," and "Hobo." I hope to have "Metamorphosis" out soon as a Kindle short story.

 I will update everyone when I have a definite release date!

Happy Reading!

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