Friday, June 8, 2012

Why I Like KDP Select

When Amazon Kindle first announced KDP Select, I read articles and post for and against enrolling, but I chose to enroll my self-published works into the program. In all honesty, I like the program. Here's why:

First, readers can borrow a book- if they are Prime members of course. I like to offer this option to readers.
Second, borrowing still means I am paid for interest in my books. One month I actually made more money from borrowers than from buyers.
Third, I've tried Smashwords and I get a great deal of looks, but very low sales.
And lastly, I love the promotions, so I can offer the book for free and generate interest and reviews.
I plan to self-publish a couple more Kindle singles later this year, and I will enroll them in KDP Select.

The two titles I have available from Kindle now:

"Ally Ally Oxen Free" A horror/scary, young adult story about a boy with an unusual hobby.
 There are two review so far,

Author Jenny Twist had this to say:

What a delightful short story!. Tom is an ordinary, likeable boy who has an unusual interest. He is fascinated by bones. His hobby takes a macabre turn, when he undertakes an archaeological dig in a neighbour's yard.
Ms Allman's beautiful, spare prose and her tremendous gift for bringing her characters to life once again come together to produce a gripping tale. Another impressive performance. 

Another reader, S. Warfield offered this review:

"Ally ally oxen free" is a line that the children use when playing Hide and Seek in this story. It's a popular game with the neighborhool kids, and Tom, the main character, plays once in a while with his friends. Tom is more interested in bones, though. He likes to go on archeological digs and for the summer he has planned to dig on some back property of a man who owns a store. The man graciously allows him to go ahead and dig.

Tom and his friends are in for a surprise, especially in light of what the neighborhood has been talking about lately. Sometimes Tom finds animal bones and he studies them and reads about them. At other times, such as on this particular day, he finds something entirely different, and it serves to help solve a mystery and also helps to frighten Tom and his friends.

This is a short story that is well-written and can be enjoyed by older children as well as adults. It is also a bone-chilling story when you finish it

You may buy the short story for $0.99 for Kindle or borrow it. If you do read, please leave a review and let me know what your thoughts. :)

The other title is Flashes of Fiction- It contains 5 very short stories and has two reviews on Amazon.

Volatalistic Phil wrote:

M. Allman, thank you for the opportunity allowing me to get familiar with some of your work--for free. I enjoyed reading your collection of five short stories. If I had to choose, my favorite story was "The Handbag" or "Shannon Elizabeth Riley." I found your collection to be wholesome and good fun. I wish you much success. 

Author Jenny Twist wrote: 

I first came across M. Allman in her first anthology, Tales from Imagination's Closet, and have been a fan ever since.
This latest collection is just as impressive - five tales ranging from dark science fiction to humour.
Metro Dome - a very disturbing distopian vision of a future where human life is confined to an environmentally-controlled dome, told through the eyes of an old man talking to his grandson.
Viral Smiles -a comedy in which the heroine attempts to spread a little happiness and only succeeds in annoying everyone she meets.
Shannon Elizabeth Riley - a heartbreaking tale of a lost little girl who finds her way home.
Operation Onion - Samuel Clemens has a very strange affliction. He emits different odours according to his mood, some of which are highly offensive. Can the poor man ever lead a normal life?
The Handbag - a delightful fairy tale with a twist.

If you are a lover of short stories, you cannot fail to appreciate Ms Allman's skill. She is a storyteller of the highest order, with a command of language far and away above average. The short story is the most difficult form to write and Ms Allman pulls it off over and over again. I particularly loved Shannon Elizabeth Riley.
Keep 'em coming, Molly.

Readers may also buy this one for $0.99 for Kindle or borrow it. If you do read, again I'd love to know your thoughts.

My next Kindle single schedule for release later this year is "Metamorphosis." This short story is bit different from my other work because it has a spiritual element to it. The story is about a young teen doing her best to deal with her mother's terminal illness, while struggling to understand how God can allow such things to happen. In the end, her grandmother offers the young girl a new outlook on life and death that helps her heal after her mother's passing. 

This will be self-published title, and I am still working on edits. I will have a definite release date soon, though. I hope you all check it out when it becomes available. 

Happy Reading! 

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