Saturday, October 22, 2011

Attack of the Dust Bunnies and other stuff...

Happily, I am still on schedule to get Attack of the Dust Bunnies released next week. Tomorrow I will upload it to Createspace and as long as there are no problems, it will be good to go. Yay!

I will be having another giveaway along with an author interview soon, so I'll keep you posted when and where.

I have children's stories in two other places online if anyone is interested in reading.
Click here to read "Gordon Bunker~aka Gorilla Face" on Stories that Lift.

Click here to read my latest, "Sofa Monster," on Kids'Magination.

And below you'll find a couple of children's poems suitable for October.

Pumpkin Seed

Big Sis told me it was a pill
I swallowed it while I was ill
Later she admitted with glee
It was a seed planted inside me.

My heart raced, I had to know
Would this seed inside me grow?
I felt my belly begin to rise
I imagined myself made into pies.

I screamed, I cried, I went frantic
I hollered for Momma in a dreadful panic
She raced to see what the fuss was about
I hollered, “Momma get it out!”

Momma  sat at the edge of my bed
And calmed me down by rubbing my head.
What is that has you filled with such fear
I pointed at my belly, “A seed in here.”

Momma laughed and said you’ll be fine.
A seed won’t grow without soil and sunshine.
I looked up at her asked, “Is this true?”
She smiled and asked, “Would I lie to you?”

She was right about Momma’s not lyin’
I wiped my tears and stopped my cryin’
I’d get even with Sis for her litte trick
Just wait til’ next time she gets sick.


They call me Jack-o-lantern

And how did I get this way?
I swallowed a pumpkin seed,
one breezy autumn day.

Some may pity me
And say it is a shame
But I’m not really Jack-o-lantern
Cause Harold Kershaw is my name.

Happy Reading!

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