Monday, April 11, 2011

A Wonderful Review of Tales From Imagination's Closet by Teresa D. Jones

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Review of Tales From Imagination’s Closet by M. Allman
          When I started reading M. Allman’s Tales From Imagination’s Closet I felt like I had just opened up a box of chocolates. Inside were twenty nine different candies for me to sample, each leaving me with a different pleasure.
          Each of one of Ms. Allman’s short stories leaves you with the feeling of satisfaction. I was actually amazed to find that after each story it left me fulfilled even though they are very short in length. I believe it takes a very skilled writer to be able to take few words and make it a story and still leaving the reader with a certain emotion in the end.  
Ms. Allman proves that her imagination is something that will carry her very far as a writer and we will see a lot more of her stories in the future.
          I have to say I love all the stories but my two favorites are Weed Whisper and Existence. Both of these stories touched me in a personal way. I’m sure as you sample Tales From Imagination’s Closet you too will be able to find your own favorites.
          This book is a must have for all who loves a good read and if like me, you love to sample each chocolate candy in the box.

Review by Teresa D. Jones
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