Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Where'd You Come Up With That?! Wednesdays "The Crayon Box"

The Crayon Box is a very short horror story about a little boy who looks innocent, but he's not. He's evil. 

I wrote this story for a flash fiction contest on One of the words to use in the prompt was crayon box, so I tried to think a little outside the (crayon) box. Kids are usually what comes to mind when I think of crayons, and so does just about everyone I'd guess. But not everyone thinks of a little boy who uses his crayons to illustrate his victims. Do they?

Why no! So that's where I took it--to the dark side. I also wrote it in second person because I had recently read a story that Ray Bradbury wrote in second person,"The Night," and I loved it. So, I tried it. 

Anyway, it won the contest, and you can find it now at MicroHorror.

Happy Reading!

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