Tuesday, February 24, 2015

LitPick Interview Next Week

Wow! It's almost March! And time for my LitPick interview "Six Minutes with an Author." The interview is scheduled for March 2nd. It will be posted on the LitPick site and LitPick on Facebook.

I have two YA stories on LitPick with reviews.

Ally Ally Oxen Free is  short story about a little boy with a strange hobby. It's just a little creepy and a fun story for all ages.

It received a five star review by a LitPick reviewer.

Alfred C. Bogeyman is about three boys and a dog on a mission to give this boogieman a taste of his own medicine.

It's a fun story that is a little bit scary, while being a fun read.

This short story has two 4 star reviews on Litpick

I'll post links to my LitPick interview next week on my Facebook page.

Happy Reading!

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