Tuesday, June 24, 2014

This is why I'm not very active on Goodreads...

I've said before. I don't ask for reviews anymore. I did when my first book was published, but then I later decided it's best to let nature take its course and see how things go. That being said, I know not everyone will like a story I've written and that's okay--what's not okay is this:
Someone leaving a one star rating under suspicious circumstances. I have to wonder if this man even read Mermaid's Kiss after seeing that he too has a children's book about a mermaid. Hmmm...

I know this has happened to authors on the Goodreads site. It is a petty thing to do. If he really doesn't like the book,  then why not leave a review? Or why even bother to rate it at all?

I am grateful for those who read my book and leave reviews, whether you loved it or hated. I'm just saying, this one is suspicious to me.

Happy Reading!

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