Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why Yes...I Do Google Myself

I do. I Google my name, sometimes, but I do Google my book titles to see if anything new pops up. And, sometimes it does. There were reviews out there I didn't know existed, and they were a pleasant surprise.

I loved this one by a ten year old who read Alfred C. Bogeyman. The review is one LitPick

Fire and Ice Books
The book starts off with a boy named Adrian who hears his brother Sam screaming from in his room and remembers that his brother is being scared by the boogeyman.  He and his friends go on a search to find the boogeyman’s house. When they find it the house, they know they will have to come back and defeat the bogeyman. Will they succeed?  Read to find out!

This was a great book! It was about a kid who stands up for his brother. I like that Adrian does that for Sam. It is very kind to do that for anyone especially someone related to you. It had a lot of suspense; I like that in a book. I hope you find this book is as good as I did!
This review made my day. This is story is intended for younger readers, but it is also a fun read for adults. After finding this review, I also found this review from Bubblews
This was a very cute, fun, short story. I really enjoyed reading it and having a few laughs with Ralph, Sean, and Adrian. 

This short story is about three children named Ralph, Sean, and Adrian who believe that the boogieman is scaring Adrian's little brother Sam. Adrian is the brave one in the group, Ralph is the brains, while Sean is afraid of everything. Feeling the need to protect his little brother Adrian and the boys go on a mission to find the boogieman and teach him a lesson. 

They come up with a plan to use Sean's dog Socks to track down the boogieman and scare him. I don't want to give too much away but I'll say I really liked the ending of the story and really enjoyed reading about Sean, Adrian, and Ralph. It was a really good read! Especially if you're looking for a short story.

5 stars!!!
The good news is, I didn't find any bad reviews. Shew! 
Happy Reading! 

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