Friday, October 14, 2011

Writing today...

I have an children's story in my head that I must write today. I've had this idea for a while, but it's ready become more than an idea-- it's ready to be a story. :) I think I enjoy writing children stories more than adult stories. There seems to be no limit to the imagination when writing or children--just about anything goes.

I have also been looking through the old files again and found this piece of dialogue I write a couple of years ago for a contest on It is called True Genius and it is a couple having an illogical conversations. I hope it makes you smile. :)

True Genius

“Did you hear what that television said just now?”

“Tom, televisions don’t talk.”

“If they don’t talk , Margret, how come I can hear it?”

“Oh, you have a point there, so what did the television say?”

“Women can become men, and men can become women!”

“No way, that’s impossible.”

“Think about it, Margie, what if a woman had dangling parts, would she be a man?”

“I don’t know.”

“If you put a pecker on cat, would it be a rooster?”

“How am I supposed to know? There has to be some sort of rules. Things can’t be changing into other things just by swapping parts.”

“If we cut off our heads and traded them, would you be me, and me you?”

“What? You can’t be me, I’m me.”

“But I’d have your head, your brain.”

“You’d also have my body, a woman’s body.”

“I know that’s what I’m sayin’, I’d be you.”

“What a minute my head would be on your. . . “

“I’d be you, really.”

“I guess you’re right, I mean, you’d have my body. That is the biggest part of me.”

“See, I am a genius. I need to send a letter to those doctors who make men into women and women into men, let them know  that all they have to do is find a woman that wants to be a man and vice versa, cut off their heads, and switch ‘em.”

“Why, Tom! You are right. That would be so much easier than making new parts and taking off the old. I’m going to get some paper and a pen right now.”

“Margie, what if I write them doctors a letter and they steal my idea?”

“You’re right, maybe we should just keep this to ourselves, so no one can steal your brilliant idea and make millions from it.”

“You better promise to keep our secret, Margie.  We’re the only two that know, so if word gets out, I’ll know it was you. I’ll be keeping my eye you.”

“What if it wasn’t me? What if it’s you, and you blame me?”

“Oh, I guess I better keep an eye on both of us.”

The End

Happy Reading

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