Monday, October 10, 2011

Coming Soon!

I have a new short story coming later this week to Smashwords and Kindle. "Solitude" is a story about a girl who is fed up with the world around her and desperately wants to be left alone. Her friend, Flora, gives her charm that allows her to inter into a world without people...

Attack of the Dust Bunnies is just about ready for release. This is the second in the series of Hairingtons Look for it later this month on Createspace and

I'm Not a Tangle is the third in the series and scheduled for release in December.

I am still working on Remain Calm and Flashes of Fiction. These will be out early 2012.

 I had to move Remain Calm back a bit to get other projects done. I had originally planned its release in November of this year, but with all I have going on, It won't be ready until next year.

Flashes of Fiction is  the first in a series of  books containing 10 short stories. I will more information and a cover soon!

I will keep the blog updated with any changes, so check back.

Happy Reading.

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