Wednesday, January 7, 2015

LitPick 5 Star Review for Ally Ally Oxen Free

I received an email informing me of my Five Star Book Review Award from LitPick. The book is the Kindle short  "Ally Ally Oxen Free, " which is also available on audible and iTunes. Here is the review and the link to it on LitPick.

When summer comes everybody seems to be doing something cool, except for Tom (he thinks it is cool, nobody else does). He is friends with Mr.Duke who owns a grocery store. Next to the store is a vacant lot. Mr.Duke is allowing Tom to do an archaeological dig in the lot. When he first finds something he is confused about what it is, but when he figures it out he realizes it is very important.


I really like this book because of how it leads up to the ending. But, also I think this book is good because of the character Tom. He stands up for Nancy when she is teased and almost doesn’t care that the other kids think his summer will be bad. What’s better than a good character is some suspense. I really like a book with suspense, and this book has it. So overall this is a really good book. I would recommend it to anybody.
Happy Reading! 

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