Friday, January 9, 2015

Flashes of Fiction Volume 1 Coming to Audio!

I just approved the audio version of Flashes of Fiction 1. Tonya Manns has done an exceptional job narrating the stories. Each character has a unique voice that brings them to life. I am so pleased with the finished product. She is currently working on volumes 2 and 3.

Right now, Flashes of Fiction Volume 2 is in the top 100 on Amazon. I had to take a screen shot because it may not last long.

I am so thankful for the readers who are buying my books, and I do hope they are enjoying the stories.

So, right now I am still working on Metamorphosis. Since I lost my flash drive, I've had to sort of start over, but during this rewriting process, I've added a little more to the story. Losing my flash drive may not have been  bad thing after all. I really like this extra little tidbit I've added. I'm hoping to have it ready for Kindle in March. That is if all goes as planned, which it rarely does.

This story is not my usual science fiction writing. It is more of a spiritual story that hopefully brings hope to a warm feeling to readers.

Happy Reading!

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