Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What's Better Than A Review of Your Book? An Email!

I've got a couple of good emails in the new year...

Flashes of Fiction Volume 1 is quite popular so far this year, and I just received a new Amazon review last night. I'm always happy to see a new review, but even better than that, I received an email from the reviewer. He sent me a little note to stay he enjoyed my book and left a review.  He said he was off to buy Flashes of Fiction Volume 2.  I think it is wonderful when a reader reaches out to me. I absolutely love it!

Litpick sent me a Twitter message Saturday inviting me to do Six Minutes with an Author, which I gladly accepted.  I'll post a link here when my interview is up at the Litpick site. The interview will also be posted on Litpick's Facebook page.

I'm still working on new release for the 2015. One is Flashes of Fiction Volume 4. I'll post more about that after I get it all put together and ready for release later this month.

Happy Reading!

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