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"This is an astoundingly good first collection of stories. Ms Allman has all the makings of a best-selling author. "~ Jenny Twist

"I usually don’t pick out story books to fill my personal collection. However, with twenty-nine different stories to enjoy, anyone is sure to have at least one they can identify with."~ Joaquin Santiago

"The breadth of this writer’s imagination dazzles me! ‘Tales from Imagination’s Closet’ is a collection of around 30 short (some very short) stories of diverse genres which left me wondering what it must be like to live inside this writer’s mind. So many ideas and all so different!"~ Lyn Sofras

"My personal favorites are "Existence," "The Guardian," "My Friend, Clarence," and "The Roads Not Traveled."~ Sue Halfwerk

"All of them are unique, and Ms. Allman employs a straightforward, easy style that one can easily jump right into. My favorite story of them all was "Assailant". It had me laughing out loud."~ Mysti Parker

"Tales From Imagination's Closet is a collection of sharp witted stories with endings that are by turns shocking, poignant, and deliciously funny."~ Dan Spanton

"I really enjoyed this collection of short stories. Some were downright hilarious (Assailant), while others were just downright twisted (The Weed Whisperer) and made you shiver with the heebie jeebies." ~ Brittany

"This is a collection of very short stories, some are as short as one page, to as long a three or four pages. They are just wild tales of things that probably could never happen, but you wish they would, or think about or imagine." ~ Michelle Randall

"When I started reading M. Allman’s Tales From Imagination’s Closet I felt like I had just opened up a box of chocolates. Inside were twenty nine different candies for me to sample, each leaving me with a different pleasure." ~ T.D. Jones

"This is a collection of short stories. I loved each and every one of them. Some of them made me shiver, while others had me laugh. I can't say who my favorite character was, since I loved them all. A must read for those who want variety in your life :) Each story is different and amazing in it's own way :D" ~ Beth

"Finder's Weepers was excellent! I loved the zing at the end. It was the perfect start to this kind of anthology, a story that kept you guessing, wondering what was going to happen, and when it ended, I wanted badly to read onto the next story right away."~ Tara Fox Hall

Available as a Kindle short story.

"This is a short story that is well-written and can be enjoyed by older children as well as adults. It is also a bone-chilling story when you finish it." ~S. Warfield

"What a delightful short story!. Tom is an ordinary, likeable boy who has an unusual interest. He is fascinated by bones. His hobby takes a macabre turn, when he undertakes an archaeological dig in a neighbour's yard. Ms Allman's beautiful, spare prose and her tremendous gift for bringing her characters to life once again come together to produce a gripping tale. Another impressive performance." ~ Jenny Twist

"I loved this book, I must admit it had me remembering things I did as a child. Yes, I loved to find things, but, I didn't look for bones 0.o Nor did I have a fasination in them. This story sent chills down my spine 0.o Not hard to do, considering I normally don't read books that do that. Loved it and must say, anyone who wants something to make you think and grip you to your seat, have a read :)" ~ Beth

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