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Excerpt of "Existence" From Flashes of Fiction: Volume 5

Flashes of Fiction: Volume 5 will be released on Amazon Kindle July 15th. 

Today I'm sharing an excerpt from one of the 5 short stories in this book--"Existence"

Anyone who has read my short stories in this series knows they can be a little bizarre, but that's what makes them fun to read, right?

Of course!

Existence is a bit bizarre, too. It's a story about a psychiatrist who is working with a married couple. They seem to see their lives differently. 

The wife thinks they husband is seeing an imaginary dog, but the husband thinks the wife sees an imaginary child. So, who's right and who's wrong? And in the end, you'll end wondering if the psychiatrist himself needs a little help. 

When I told my husband about his story, he said I was insane. What do you think?

Here's a sample of Existence:

Janet barged into Dr. Pence’s office. Doctor, sorry for just walking in, but I saw your patient leave, and it’s imperative that I talk to you before Mark arrives. I want you to know this appointment is really about Mark. I only told him it was about me, so he’d come. Janet said breathlessly.
Dr. Pence glanced at this watch. We have a few minutes before your scheduled appointment, so what’s on your mind?
Mark doesn’t acknowledge the existence of our six-month-old son Jacob. He ignores the poor child. He thinks I’m crazy because I get up in the  middle  of  the  night,  make  bottles,  and  change  diapers.  It’s  so upsetting to be told Ive had a breakdown when it’s so obvious he’s the one losing it.” Janet clutched her purse and leaned forward in her chair. He thinks we have a dog, a Golden Retriever named Duncan. He puts a bowl of food out for it every day and takes it for walks. It’s embarrassing.
Doesn’t he realize the food isnt eaten?
To tell the truth,” Janet’s top lip curled up as she spoke, I think
Mark eats it. I know, disgusting isn’t it?
Dr. Pence started to respond, but a knock at the door interrupted him. Yes?
The door opened and Mark peeked in. Hi, I’m Mark, Janet’s husband.”
Come in and have a seat, join us.” He motioned for Mark to come inside.
Janet stood and wrapped her arms around her husband. Im so happy you actually showed.”
I wanted to be here to support you, Dear.
             “Why dont we all have a seat and begin.” Dr. Pence said.
Actually doctor, I was wondering if I could have few moments alone with you?” Mark said.
Janet winked at Dr. Pence. That’s sounds like a good idea, right Dr. Pence? I’ll be right outside.”
Mark scooted his chair closer to Dr. Pence’s desk. I don’t want
Janet to hear me, it might send her over the edge.”
Dr. Pence raised his right eyebrow. How so…?
Well, first Janet thinks we have a baby in the house and weve never been able to have children. I think her maternal instincts, womanly hormones or whatever is messing with her mind.”
Has she suffered a loss?
No, no. We’ve been unable to conceive. That’s why I adopted Duncan. He’s a great companion, but she wont even acknowledge him.” He looked toward the door and lowered his voice. She thinks Im the one whos crazy, and she even accuses me of eating dog food.
That is quite strange. I think we should have Janet join us.”
Mark sprang up. I’ll tell her.” He opened the door. The doctor would like you to join us again.”
Janet slinked in and sat beside her husband. The two held hands and smiled at each other.
Dr. Pence rose from his chair leaned on the front of his desk in front of the couple. This is quite a strange situation. Janet, you say there’s a baby in the house. He looked and Mark. And your husband tells me youve been unable to conceive, so he got you a dog. I think there is an easy way to see who needs help in this situation.”
Janet jumped up. What do you mean who?She pointed to her husband. He’s the nutcase is this whole situation.
Mark pulled her down into her chair. Quiet, dear. Let the doctor speak.”
Do either of you have a photo of the baby or the dog, maybe a
family photo? Dr. Pence waited while they both searched for a photo.

Janet rummaged through her purse. Yes, I’ve got it right here. This is a picture my sister took at Thanksgiving. She handed the picture to Dr. Pence. There I am and Mark, and Jacob is on my lap.”
Dr. Pence studied the picture. Janet, there is a baby in this picture, but look by Mark’s feet. Dont you see the dog?
What? Janet snatched the photo from his hand. There is no doin this picture. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Mark leaned over to have a look. Right there...” He pointed. That large brown hairy entity lying next my feet is Duncan.


You can read the rest in Flashes of Fiction: Volume 5

Happy Reading! (And Listening)

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