Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Where'd You Come Up With That Wednesdays?! "My Friend, Clarence"

"My Friend, Clarence is a not your ordinary imaginary friend story. Jeremy's imaginary friend is deaf, and he is a serial killer. 

Jeremy convinces Clarence to turn himself in for his latest murder, but when Jeremy arrives at the police station signing to an empty chair beside him and giving the detective details that only the murderer would know, he becomes the suspect. 

So, how does Jeremy clear his name? With DNA of corse!

I watch a lot of true crime shows on the ID channel (Investigation Discover), and DNA always plays an important role in solving murder cases, especially cold cases. Then I thought DNA would be a good way to prove the existence of an imaginary friend. 

My husband and I discussed Clarence's DNA (He does have good suggestions at times). He suggested Clarence have alien DNA, and while this is a good idea, it just didn't fit with my story line. Alien DNA would have taken me in an entirely different direction. 

I decided to make the Clarence character a little more realistic by having Jeremy use sign language to talk to him. For Jeremy to learn sign language to talk to his imaginary shows you just how much he believes in the existence of Clarence. 

It may seem strange to create an invisible, deaf, serial killer, but it makes Clarence more interesting. ;)

You can read about Jeremy and Clarence in Flashes of Fiction: Volume 3. along with other speculative fiction stories. 

You can also listen on iTunes and audible.

Grandma's Scrapbook: Grandma’s bags are packed, and she is ready for a death vacation. 

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My Friend, Clarence: Jeremy knows intimate details about the murders of several young girls. He claims his friend, Clarence, is the perp. The only problem--Clarence is Jeremy’s imaginary friend 

The Weed Whisperer: Simon is a gardening guru. Weeds never dare to grow in his garden or flowerbeds, but Simon learns that weeds will attack if provoked. 

One Man's Trash: Sometimes a good deal isn't always what it seems.

Happy Reading!

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