Saturday, June 7, 2014

I Have One Question...

Maybe it's because I haven't told you enough about it? 

That's it, isn't it? 

Well how about an excerpt from one of the stories?

There are 5, and they are humorous, but I guess that's a matter of opinion...


“I woke on the icy snow. I must have been knocked unconscious.” Lorna took a sip of coffee. “Thanks for the coffee, Detective Blankenship.”
“No problem, Lorna.”
“When I woke, I was in the hospital with a nasty bump on my head.”
“Do you think you got a good enough look at the attacker to describe him to a sketch artist?”
Lorna nodded her head. “Maybe. I can try.”
“Okay, I’ll go get Scotty. He does a great job.” Detective Blankenship left the room. Lorna sat there trying to recall details that might help him.
The door opened and a small, thin man walked in and sat down in front of Lorna. “Hi, I’m Scotty.” He offered her his hand. They shook.
“Lorna, Lorna Bradshaw,” she said.
“Okay, Lorna, begin by describing the assailant, and I will ask for more details if I need them.”
Lorna took a deep breath. “Sure, let’s see. He had big round dark eyes.”
“Okay.” Scotty began to scratch his pencil on the paper.
“He… he had a long pointy nose, his head was round and quite large.”
“What about his ears, big, small?” Scotty continued to sketch.
“No ears, at least, I didn’t notice any ears. He did have very thin lips, almost non-existent.” Lorna held her head. “I still have a headache from him bashing it against frozen ground. I’m having trouble concentrating, so bear with me.”
“Sure, Lorna. Take your time.”
“He was wearing some sort of hat. It was a large black hat, like a top hat, and a red scarf. Other than that, he was dressed in all white. I remember because I could see his body in the dark.”
“Okay, I have a sketch done.” Scotty stared at it a moment. “But um…give me a minute with the Detective outside, okay.”
“Yeah, sure...”
Scotty took his sketch out to Detective Blankenship. “Psst… come here.” He laid the picture on the desk. “Do you see what I see?”
“Frosty?” Blankenship raised his eyebrows.
“Yeah, I think that knock on the head messed her up. This is exactly what she described.”
Blankenship went back in to talk to Lorna. He sat down beside her and looked into her eyes. “How are you feeling?”
“Fine, expect for the headache.”
“And the doctor at the hospital said everything was fine?”
“Yeah, great...” She rubbed the back of her head, “Just a goose egg back there.”
“Lorna, let’s go over your statement again.” Blankenship took out his notes.
“Sure, if it’ll help.” She took another sip of coffee.
“So…let’s see, you were walking up to your front door, right?”
“Yes.” She nodded. “It was pitch black because the outside lights were out, so I only got a glimpse of his face from the light of my watch.It glows in the dark. See?”
“Yes, very nice.”  Blankenship smiled.  “Now the assailant… he came out of nowhere and you fought with him?”
“He… He scratched me, see?” She showed him the scratches on her hands and face.
“What’s that, there?” Blankenship pulled his glasses down to the end of his nose. “It looks like a splinter.”
“They took some splinters out at the hospital.”
“I see. So, at some point he knocked you to the ground and took ice?”
“That’s all he got, the bags of ice I bought for our Christmas party.” 

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