Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's Next?

Well...I am working on editing and formatting Flashes of Fiction Volume 2. It will be available on Amazon Kindle June 1st.

Flashes of Fiction Volume One will be free from May 30th- June 2nd.
Click here to find it on Kindle 

Flashes of Fiction Volume 2 will be a $0.99 Kindle Short with 5 stories.
Stories include:
Finder's Weepers: Leonard get caught up in his own web of lies.
Remain Calm: The insane never question their own sanity.
Punctilious: Being on time just may be a matter of life and death
Assailant: A strange rash of burglaries occur ahead of a warm front.
Laugh Like a Baby: A story of mixed up emotions--Literally!

Look for Metamorphosis in August!

Happy Reading!

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