Thursday, March 20, 2014

More Children Stories...

I have signed a contract with Alfie Dog Fiction for two of my children stories: Stinky Ol' Pig and Fridge Fight!

Stinky Ol' Pig will be available April 2nd-- Percy wants to prove to the other barn yard animals that he's not just another stinky old pig. Instead of rolling in mud, he likes to roll in the sweet honeysuckle along the fence.

Fridge Fight! will be available April 6th-- Somethings stinks in the refrigerator, and all the foods have their own theory about which one it is, which erupts into a humorous quarrel.

I'll have links as soon as the stories go live on the site.

I've got a handle on my procrastination today, I've been busily working to get my books ready for their intended release dates and making plans for other unfinished projects. I'm thinking, I'll just turn off the WiFi on my laptop when I get ready to write, and I won't be able to pop over to Facebook or emails.

Happy Reading!

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