Saturday, February 8, 2014

Coming Soon to Kindle!

Later this week I'll have two Kindle books available: Flashes of Fiction Volume 1 and East of Omaha.
Flashes of Fiction is coming back. I took it down for a while, but I'm bringing it back with a new cover--some 5 flash fiction stories.
Metro Dome
Operation Onion
Viral Smiles
Shannon Elizabeth Riley
The Handbag

I'll be publishing Volume 2 June 1st. 2014

East of Omaha is a crime/mystery story that involves an attempted identity theft gone very wrong.

This short story will be available later this summer

Still working on Mermaid's Kiss, and I'm still on schedule to publish this short story on Kindle April 30th

I've got many other projects waiting. I also start writing and allow the story to sit for years before finishing, so I'm trying to go back over all the unfinished projects and finish them. Wish me luck!

Happy Reading!

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