Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Reviews

I had the pleasure of finding two new 5 star  reviews for two of my books on Amazon. 

Tales from Imagination's Closet:

This is a collection of short stories. I loved each and every one of them. Some of them made me shiver, while others had me laugh. I can't say who my favorite character was, since I loved them all. A must read for those who want variety in your life :) Each story is different and amazing in it's own way :D

Ally Ally Oxen Free:

I loved this book, I must admit it had me remembering things I did as a child. Yes, I loved to find things, but, I didn't look for bones 0.o Nor did I have a fasination in them. This story sent chills down my spine 0.o Not hard to do, considering I normally don't read books that do that. Loved it and must say, anyone who wants something to make you think and grip you to your seat, have a read :)

I am so pleased, and I do appreciate when readers buy my books take the time to leave a review. 

Happy Reading!

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