Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Review

Just wanted to share this lovely review for Tales from Imagination's Closet by author Su Halfwerk.

Su wrote:
29 stories! Each unique, intriguing, and touching in its own way. I couldn't stop reading, the "just one more and then I'll sleep" promise was repeated several times a night.
My personal favorites are "Existence," "The Guardian," "My Friend, Clarence," and "The Roads Not Traveled."
The book is a mix of genres, sure to satisfy different tastes. I wish the book received stronger editing, despite that, M. Allman's imagination managed to shine through.
I'm sure the author's imagination isn't dry yet, I hope she's planning another collection of short and intriguing fiction.

You can find more information about Ms. Halfwerk and her book on her website. Click here

Happy Reading!


Tara Fox Hall said...

Very nice review, Molly. :) Congrats!

M. Allman said...

Thanks, Tara. :)