Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Review of Spellbound

 An anthology of Halloween tales - detailed story information at

Spellbound is a wonderful collection of spine chilling stories. None of these are your typical ghost stories; they all have a new take on some old favorites, like werewolves, ghosts and scary haunted houses.

I loved every story in the collection, but as with any anthology of short stories, there are always those that resonate most with the reader.

“Room 1309.5” by John M. Mecom is a story of ultimate revenge with an ending that will left with me chills.

“Uncle Vernon” by Jenny Twist is an eerie tale with an unexpected ending.

“Half Seen, Half Hidden” by John Steiner is a new take on an old favorite with a gruesome and spine chilling ending.

“Ghost Taxi” by Joana Foreman is a different kind of ghost story and one that is not so much scary as sweet. The ending left me with a warm heart and smile.

“The Origin of Fear” by Tara Fox Hall starts out simple enough—a few college students going out to do some research, but things take a chilling twist once they arrive at their destination.

This is great collection and all the authors are to be commended for their brilliant imaginations and excellent writing.
Currently I'm reading Die Laughing by Louis K Lowy. The books combines two of my favorite things--comedy and science fiction. :)


Jenny Twist said...

What a great review, Molly. Thank you so much.

M. Allman said...

You're welcome, Jenny. I loved this collection of stories.