Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Operation Onion at Smashwords for $0.99

My short story, "Operation Onion," is available in Ebook format at Smashwords. It was first published in Spectacular Speculations.

It is a short piece of speculative fiction. Samuel was born with a strange condition. His body emits various offensive odors based on his moods. Samuel's mother says that God doesn't make mistakes, but could she be wrong in his case. Can Samuel find his place in the world? 

You can Click here to read an excerpt.

"Ally Ally Oxen Free, " is a horror/scary story for a younger audience, but also may give older readers the chills.

Tom is fascinated with bones, human bones. He wants to study them and gets his chance when Mr. Dukes allows home dig in the vacant  lot behind his store. What Tom unearths makes the neighborhood kids tremble with fear.  

"Ally ally oxen free!" These four little words can bring anyone out of hiding

Click here to read an excerpt

'Remain Calm' is a novelette Ebook coming soon to Smashwords.

The insane never question their own sanity.

Happy Reading!

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