Thursday, April 21, 2011

Someone Made My Day!

I got up this morning and checked emails as usual. I had a new a friends request for Good Reads from a writer named j.d. Chandler, and he also left me a comment and asked if I was the reincarnation of Rod Serling. Now, I'll be the first to admit, my writing does not even compare with all those wonderful Twillight Zone writers, but still it made my day. And even better, j.d. ask me to contribute a story to his anthology.

Please check out j.d Chandler's profile.

It's also a good day because I've finished two classes early and plan to have two more finished next week. That means more time to work on my writing projects. I'm hoping to get my first in a series of children's picture books out early this summer. I'll have post more about that later.

Tomorrow I will post a new excerpt from, Tales From Imaginations's Closet. This will be the last one, and I will draw names for the three winners of a signed copy on Sunday. So, there is still time to leave me a message here or on Facebook if you'd like the chance to win.

Happy Reading!

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