Sunday, February 20, 2011

So Little Time

Since school has resumed, I have less time to work on all my writing projects. I'm putting the children's book on the "back burner" until I finish my second anthology of short stories and get a little further along with the YA novels. I hope resume work on the picture books and have the first one out by mid to late summer.

My second books of short stories, untitled at the moment, is again the 'What if...'  or speculative type of stories. I have five short stories written for the book and have some many ideas to work with for the others.  I love that to write in that particular genre because there is no limit to what I can create.

The two young adult novels are in the very early stages. One is a mystery and the other sci-fi. They are a work in progress and subject to change,so I'm giving out very little details at this time.

Tales from Imagination's Closet is scheduled for release in March. It will be in both PDF and print format.
Happy Reading!

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